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  • Choose the bonus amount you wish to activate
  • The bigger the package you choose, the bigger the bonus amount
  • You will activate a bonus token up to 250% on your next chip purchase.
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The prices shown next to the packages include the V.A.T. After completing a transaction, chips purchased are immediately and automatically credited to your user profile. Warning! There are no refunds for purchased chips, they are added to the user's balance without distinction and we bear no responsibility for their subsequent loss or disappearance. The General Terms and Conditions regulate the use of The policy for handling of your personal data during transactions can be found in chapter 6.1. of the Privacy policy. If you have any questions about the game or transactions, if purchases have not been credited to your account, or if you wish to bring up any other topic, please first read the information on our FAQ page, since you might find the answer there. If you are still lost, you may find our support contacts on the Contacts page.